About Us

Panafrica Geo-Information Services (Panafrica GIS) is a technology-enthusiast company established and operated by well experienced professionals in the field of geo-information. We believe that in order to realize a sustained and inclusive growth for Africa, a reliable and timely supply of geo-information services is very crucial.

Panafrica GIS delivers end-to-end geospatial services ranging from supply of geospatial resources and training to

designing, implementation and monitoring of projects.

In addition to this, the company provides end-to-end consultancy services to esteemed clients that ranges from geodata acquisition and processing to production of superior quality maps and applications. The company also supplies various ready-to-use geospatial products and accessories including geospatial softwares, satellite images, surveying, photogrammetric and large format scanning and printing instruments.

to emerge as one of African major player in the field of geo-information technology through involvement of skilled professionals and application of state of the art technologies.

to exceed expectation of esteemed clients by delivering exceptional quality and world-class geo-spatial solutions.

To accomplish this vision and mission of the Panafrica GIS, we are linked with the following values:

Quality: We are focus in maintaining the expertise in technical skills and provide products and services of uncompromising quality.

Supervision: We will securely and responsibly keep and uphold our clients’ major investment in GIS resources.

Client-focused: We know our clients’ success is paramount to our own, and we are dedicated to driving efficiency, productivity and quality for everyone we serve.

Entrepreneurial: We’re confident we have what it takes to achieve our ambitious vision. We take ownership in dreaming big, trying new things and pushing for progress.

Affiliation: We make sure that we preserve the needs, best success and interests of our esteemed clients at the lead of our actions.

Professionalism: We value to give the highest ethical standards and professional principles based on the code of ethics.

Innovative: We invest heavily in innovation to meet our clients’ and communities ever-changing needs, with laser-like focus on creating sustainable businesses that benefit humanity.

Engaged: We seek personal fulfillment by doing great work while enjoying what we do. We lead with a sense of urgency, without prejudice or politics.

Teamwork: We will strive for the involvement and cooperation of our clients and partners toward the most effective and efficient applications of GIS technology.

Service: We give effective support, responsive, and knowledgeable service to meet our clients and community’s needs for geospatial issues and other GIS applications.

Profit-driven: We value sustainable profitability, performance over procedure, setting measurable goals and working collectively to achieve our financial targets.

Our Clients