Panafrica Geoinformation Services

The world is changing faster than ever before, and so too are the challenges facing its most vulnerable. Population growth, urbanization, conflict and displacement, disasters and climate change, disease outbreaks and others natural and artificial challenges are growing increasingly as complex and inter-related, demanding new technologies, strategies and approaches.

Several industries have recognized the magical power of geoinformation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. Geographic Information Systems are computer based tools for mapping and analyzing features and events on earth. Geoinformation combined with socio-economic and other statistical data provide a unique input to governmental and non-governmental organizations in their project planning, preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. These data, along with the GIS technological developments and industry

innovations, will play a large role in global stewardship, enabling faster, more accurate and trustworthy information to be made available to decision makers to inform decisions, monitor progress and assess the impact of interventions.

Panafrica Geo-Information Services (Panafrica GIS) is a technology-enthusiast company and operated by well experienced professionals in the field of geo-information. The company believes that in order to realize a sustained and inclusive growth for Africa, a reliable and timely supply of geo-information services is very crucial.

Panafrica GIS delivers end-to-end geospatial services ranging from supply of geospatial resources and trainings to designing and implementation of projects.